Zumba Gold Fitness

Class Description

What is Zumba?

  • ZUMBA® classes creates a party like atmosphere that is incredibly fun, different, is so easy to follow, that EVERYONE of any age can do it!   
  • All classes are open to participants of any skill or fitness level. Zumba classes are made up of simple, easy-to-follow movements, led by an instructor on an elevated stage. We provide two big screens to make sure that you can see the instructor’s footwork at all times and feel confident about your performance.
  • Over ten million people Zumba every week because it so much fun. The Zumba philosophy is “Ditch the workout – join the party!” All moves are modifiable – you can Zumba your own way. Our members love Zumba because they spend the entire hour laughing and smiling -- before you know it you’ve burned 400 to 600 calories!

How is Zumba Gold Different?

  • ZUMBA® GOLD is based on the same dance moves used in the original Zumba class. The Gold class, however, is less intense, with dance routines designed for beginners and older adults using modified movements.
  • ZUMBA® GOLD uses the same great Zumba formula, we add a longer warm up and cool down to allow participants a program improves balance, flexibility and cardiovascular strength with its unique program. Zumba Gold was designed to teach the basic dance steps to anyone. Zumba Gold provides an appropriate workout for those just beginning a fitness program.  Feeling the music happens when one suddenly forgets they are dancing in a class and the music is the reason to move with joy.

What to Expect

  • Remember: anyone can do Zumba. People of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels have all discovered this fun new way to lose weight, feel good, and look better, all while having a great time!
  • For your first trip to a Zumba class, wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in (and don’t mind getting a little sweaty) and comfortable shoes with sturdy support. Most participants wear typical exercise clothes: athletic pants, shorts, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. The most common type of shoes are flat-soled sneakers.
  • Bring a water bottle for your own convenience. We have a pitcher of water and glasses to keep you hydrated during class. Towels are recommended please bring your own. No other equipment is required. All you need for Zumba is your body, and your beautiful self.
  • Try to come in a few minutes early for your first Zumba class this will give you ample time for us to get you set up in the class.




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